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HomeSmart is your smart choice for the Best Upholstery Cleaning results!

Our specialists use a deep extraction processes that remove built up dust, smoke, stains, oils from pets and people too! 

Our detail upholstery cleaning includes the use of special fiber rinsing agents that will leave your upholstered furniture soft and without sticky residues left behind. What we clean: everything from movie theater seating, office partitions walls, lobby and task chairs, to cleaning your home’s sofa sectionals, loveseats, chairs, recliners, ottomans, including all outdoor patio furniture, RV and auto upholstery.  Call HomeSmart if your outdoor patio furniture has been impacted by smoke and ash from California forest fires.

Free Upholstery Cleaning Estimates

We offer Free Estimates and no-hassle scheduling by phone, text, or email. Get started now by making your easy cleaning appointment with Modesto's best upholstery cleaning service, always near you!

The HomeSmart Advantage

  • Our fabric specialists are able to evaluate and test fabric for proper cleaning method. 
  • We safely and effectively clean all types of textiles, velvet, brocade, microfiber, cotton, and all synthetics!
  • Our technicians are
    experienced with a variety of cleaning methods including; dry cleaning, hand shampooing, and continuous hot water extraction.
  • We clean all areas of your furniture fabric. Many companies quote low, bait and switch prices, and then only clean the front and tops. That’s less than half the job!
  • We do a complete cleaning of all cushions, arms, backs, skirts, and even the deck under the cushions!
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Leather Cleaning & Conditioning

homesmart leather cleaning conditioning modesto

We also offer hand cleaning of certain finished leathers in your home or office as well as, car seats, boat, and RV upholstery.

Beyond cleaning, we offer conditioning of your leather furniture, restoring its natural sheen and luster.

Pet Stain Removal and Deodorization

We love our pets, and our pets love our upholstery, sometimes a little too much. If your dog loves to rub along the sofa, or your cat enjoys its view from atop your favorite chair, give HomeSmart a call to remove ground in pet grime, dander, urine stains and odor.

While not technically magicians, our customers think we might possibly be working magic when it comes to what looks to be an impossible pet soil situation. Before you cast out your furniture, give us a call, we’re happy to provide Free in Home Estimates and Evaluations! Many times we restore furniture that’s on its way to the dumpster, and our customers are glad to have saved hundreds under the cost of replacement!

pet stain removal and deodorization modesto

Smart Guard Protectant

After a good cleaning, we highly recommend applying our very durable and affordable fabric protector.

We’ve come to realize that the one item many homeowners wait the longest between cleanings is their furniture. Even though your upholstery gets as much use, and possibly more than other surfaces in the home, it’s the one we procrastinate about the most.

It’s understandable, the soiling is typically so gradual that we don’t notice just how dingy and dull it has become and it’s only when a special occasion is nearing or a spill occurs, that we finally set about about cleaning.

Even if you’re one of the few who more regularly have their upholstery cleaned, it makes sense to protect your fabrics in case of accidental spills, dye transfer from those new jeans, the guest with too much hair gel that enjoys your recliner and just for the daily dust and soil.

Our Smart Guard Protection will provide an invisible shield against all these threats, and it’s pet and child safe too!

fabric protector modesto

You’ve found the smart choice for the best upholstery cleaning service in Modesto, Stockton, and most other Central Valley communities.

You can trust HomeSmart and our professionally trained and certified technicians to deep-clean your upholstery safely and effectively, and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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Let's Get Started!

Schedule a Free Estimate Online
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       or call us  (209) 918-8040
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