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When it’s time for professional natural stone cleaning, HomeSmart are the experts to call!  We provide deep cleaning and sealing on all types of stone tiles and grout along with repair services for missing grout and broken tiles. HomeSmart provides Cleaning, Polishing and Sealing on Granite, Marble, Travertine, and Slate surfaces. Let our skilled technicians restore your natural stone surfaces to your personal specifications.


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We offer Free Estimates and no-hassle scheduling by phone, text, or email. Get started now by making your easy cleaning appointment with Modesto's best natural stone cleaning service, always near you!

The HomeSmart Cleaning Method

After our technicians arrive and introduce themselves, they will start with a walk-through and review of all the areas needing attention. They will perform tests if needed, make recommendations and discuss with you  options and the expected results.

After a plan is in place, they will begin to prep the area, using protective drop cloths, corner guards, and any necessary masking needed to protect the surrounding area of operation.

After prep is completed, the cleaning begins with a pre-treatment of the areas with our cleaning solutions. After allowing for sufficient dwell time, they will then begin to hand and machine scrub the surfaces to loosen the deep embedded dirt from the stone and grout.

After a complete scrub, they will wash, rinse and vacuum the area with a combination of short turbo pressure wands for use on counters and next along walls and baseboards, and long turbo pressure wands for use on floors. Air movers are placed thereafter in order to rapidly dry the surface.

When the surface has sufficiently dried and any need touch ups are completed, an appropriate impregnating sealer is applied, by hand, which will bond with the stone and grout and offer protection to your newly cleaned surface until the next time cleaning is required!

Sealing Natural Stone

Sealers are everywhere. Which one to choose?

More often than not, this task is best left to a professional who knows which sealers will work best for your individual circumstance. Stone sealing in Modesto and Stockton can be successful and result in your stone floor lasting longer and staying stain free.

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You’ve found the smart choice for the best natural stone cleaning service in Modesto, Stockton, and most other Central Valley communities.

You can trust HomeSmart and our professionally trained and certified technicians to deep-clean your stone surfaces safely and effectively, and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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Let's Get Started!

Schedule a Free Estimate Online
or call us  (209) 918-8040
       or call us  (209) 918-8040
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