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The HomeSmart Carpet Cleaning Process

1 Our team members will arrive at the appointed time, introduce themselves, and will start by inspecting the rooms you want to be cleaned. They will discuss options and make recommendations on how best to obtain the results that you desire.

2 When you’re comfortable with the plan in place, we’ll start to work by placing protective drop cloths at the entry and over hard surfaces to protect and keep them safe from accidental damage. We’ll place corner guards around the wall corners, baseboards, and stair balusters to protect them as well.

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3 Cleaning typically starts with spot treating any areas that need extra attention, such as red stains, coffees spills, wax, and pet urine.

4 After spot and stains are treated, we use electric solution sprayers to apply our eco-friendly probiotic cleaning solution to the entire carpet area to be cleaned.

5 Using our powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines, we begin to flush the fibers with extremely hot water, (natures solvent), and with the incredible vacuum generated by the truck’s engine, begin extracting the deep-down dirt and contaminates.  

6 The powerful suction of our carpet cleaning machine removes a significant amount of water so your carpet will dry within hours.

7 While the carpet is slightly damp, we’ll apply our Smart Guard Carpet Protectant and, using a carpet rake, blend it into your carpet for thorough coverage of the fibers.

8 Finally, before we pack up, we will complete an inspection walk-through with you to make sure you are happy with your clean carpet, and address any areas you feel need more attention. 

9 All work is guaranteed and we have an unprecedented, “No Questions Asked Warranty” for up to 2 weeks after service is performed.

Steam Carpet Cleaning vs Dry Carpet Cleaning

What’s The Best Carpet Cleaning Method?

There are two main methods of carpet cleaning: Low Moisture, commonly referred to as “Dry Carpet Cleaning” and Hot Water Extraction commonly referred to as “Steam Carpet Cleaning”.

Both have merit and at HomeSmart, we offer and perform both methods. We’ll help you decide which is best for you, but whether it’s Dry Cleaning or Steam Cleaning, here’s the basic information you should know:

Deep Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

The best application of this method is for Residential Carpet Cleaning, where the carpet pile is typically deeper and requires a high volume of water to completely flush soil and contaminates such as allergens, food, mold, pet urine, vomit, and feces, from the fibers and leave behind a healthy carpet environment, (more on that below). It’s also important to know that it’s the recommended method, performed to certain standards, that the major carpet manufactures, like Shaw and Mohawk, recommend and in most instances is required in order to maintain your carpet warranty.

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

This method is a perfect fit for Commercial Carpet Cleaning, where the carpet is typically a low to flat pile and a one-hour dry time is prioritized to allow the business to be operational immediately. Using a variety of rotating brush machines, we’re able to thoroughly agitate (scrub) the surface, encapsulate and then remove soil, leaving the carpet dry and with a healthy carpet environment when we’re finished, (more on that below).

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Are there any exceptions?

Good question!

 Yes, and what’s more, we often blend the two methods, because the absolute best result is our goal. We don’t stubbornly insist only one method is the best in every instance, both methods may have use in residential and commercial applications. It really depends upon the desired end goal. If your desire is to have your carpet dry as quickly as possible, Low Moisture may be the way to go. If your business has janitorial staff that regularly clean the carpet using portable machines and now you need to have the shampoo build-up removed, then Hot Water Extraction is the best solution…

Time to get a little geeky? 

We’re cleaning nerds so yes, the answer is yes. 

We try really hard to keep things simple, that said, there’s an arsenal of cleaning agents available to the professional cleaner, and for every type of general cleaning, stain, and odor specific issue you can imagine.

It’s our job to do the research, perform tests, and keep up to date on what are the safest, most effective, and will properly leave your carpet in a natural, healthy state.

The biggest technological breakthrough today in the cleaning industry is combining Probiotics with cleaning solutions. 

Probiotics continue to do their job well after we complete ours. By adding a biological component to the chemical process in the form of probiotics, it’s now possible to breakdown the invisible biofilm that shields harmful pathogens from chemical only cleaning, thereby allowing us to block and eliminate them.

The probiotic solutions we use have been bio-engineered to be safer, healthier, and longer-lasting, providing a level of True Clean.  After breaking down the biofilm, enzymes and probiotics are left behind to colonize a Healthy Layer of Probiotic Bacteria, allowing for a more hygienic environment that outlasts chemical only solutions.

This is an important advantage to using HomeSmart for your cleaning needs, whether in your home or place of business. Amazingly, most companies do not use this healthier, scientifically proven technology, sticking instead to older, cheaper, cleaning agents without the long term results.

HomeSmart Clean is a True Clean that lasts!

Now that I understand methods and cleaning agents, what else should I know?

Superior technique

Your cleaning will only be as good as the professional performing the work. For our deep cleaning process, we use gentle rotary agitation machines, to ensure you are left with extra fresh results, and our neutral ph rinse leads to greater consistency in results and extra soft carpets. After cleaning, we apply our Smart Guard protectant and then hand groom your carpet, setting the pile to a like-new condition. 

Cleaner Carpet

Our cleaning solutions break down sticky substances like sugars, proteins, and oils.  With large volumes of very hot water to maximize spot, allergen and stain removal, contaminants and soil are rinsed away, leaving a cleaner, brighter, softer surface that’s free of chemicals and safe for you, your children and pets, with less dry time.

Unmatched Service

We provide easy scheduling by phone, text, or email. We will email you a customized estimate, work order, and invoice.  We will call or text you a reminder before your appointment, and your technicians will call when in route to you. Your uniformed professional technician will arrive on time!

Can it get any better?

We know, right?

After becoming a HomeSmart customer, you are automatically enrolled in our Clean Smart Rewards Program, with special discounts and regular notices to help keep you on a regular cleaning schedule. Who doesn’t need that?

Plus, we really want to see you again!

Need More Reasons, Really? Okay, but just a few...

Local Business

We are a local veteran and family-owned and operated business.


Over 60 years of combined experience. 

Professionally Trained

All technicians are uniformed, professional cleaning specialists. 

Helpful & Friendly Service

Expert advice on what’s best for you. Check out our reviews!

Multiple Cleaning Methods

Experts in a variety of deep cleaning methods. 

State-Of-The-Art Equipment

Powerful Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning Fleet and a Variety of rotating brush machines to match your carpet.

Other Carpet Services

Carpet Repair Services Include Carpet Stretching, Plugs, Patching, Seam Repair, and Pad Replacement.
Carpet Stretching

If your carpet has those unsightly rolls and waves or is bunching up along room transitions of tile, linoleum, or wood, creating a trip hazard?

Our HomeSmart professionals can power stretch your carpet, eliminate excess carpet, leaving you with a flat, smoothly installed carpet. 

Patching and Plugs

For permanent stains that cannot be removed, or areas that have been damaged by pets, clothes irons (yes, that’s a thing), furniture moving, and other causes, HomeSmart Pros can patch the damaged area and usually blend it perfectly with no visible evidence.

We use several different techniques, for areas smaller than 3” diameter, we do a cookie-cut patch, for small burns, like those from fireplace embers, we do small plugs, and for larger areas, from 3” to as large as a room, we’ll do a regular patch.

repairing pet urine carpet damage
Pad Replacement

For carpet pad that is water damaged, urine saturated, or maybe just worn down in a certain area, we can remove the old and install new padding in its place, professionally stretching the carpet back into place.

Seam Repair / Tacking

Do you have carpet seams that are separating? Is it lifting at transitions? Prevent people from tripping on open seams and prevent tears with our carpet seam repair or tacking services. We will re-seam or tack carpet back down where it has split or lifted.

Spot Dyeing

We offer spot dye for small areas where the carpet is discolored, typically from a bleach product, that has removed color from the carpet yarns. We’re able to provide a good color match to blend with the surrounding area, disguising the spot. 

Carpet Protection & Specialty Odor Treatments

Smart Guard Carpet Protectant

Our specially formulated carpet protectant is proven effective in prolonging the life of your carpet, improves vacuuming results by reducing static cling, helps prevent stains from food and drink spills, and what’s more, it’s eco-friendly and safe for those nearest the carpet, your kids and pets!

Deodorization  Solutions

  • Ozone generators
  • Vapor restoration
  • Natural Enzyme and Probiotic Treatments
  • Deodorizing Product Solutions
  • Complete Pet Stain & Odor Removal

Pet Stain/Urine Extraction with Enzyme Treatment

Owners of even the best-trained pets will occasionally encounter accidents. Often, the stain is not discovered until long after the accident. Most pet urine spots will never be discovered as they seep into the padding of the carpet and leave no stain on the surface. 

Our Pet Urine Extraction with Enzyme Treatment process allows us to pull up urine from the padding of the carpet to the surface. We treat each individual spot using a black light to find the not so noticeable spots. Using high powered truck mount extraction machines, with a deep extraction water claw tool, allows for deep removal of urine. Our treatment will eliminate and kill bad odors and leave behind enzymes and healthy probiotic bacteria in the carpet.

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