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Smart Guard Carpet Fiber Protectant

Our special formulated carpet protectant is proven effective in prolonging the life of your carpet, improves vacuuming results by reducing static cling, helps prevent stains from food and drink spills, and what’s more, it’s eco-friendly, and safe for those nearest the carpet, children and pets!

fabric protector modesto
carpet protector modesto

Smart Guard Upholstery Fabric Protectant

Like our carpet protectant, we use a special formulated fabric protectant that is non-sticky, thoroughly penetrates and bonds with upholstery fabric, and creates an invisible shield of protection.

Whether you have brand new furniture or after a good cleaning, we strongly recommend the application of our very durable and affordable protective fabric.

We have come to realize that upholstered furniture is the one item many homeowners wait the longest between cleanings. Even though your upholstery has the same use, and probably more than other home surfaces, it’s the one we all seem procrastinate about for too long.

It’s understandable, the soiling is typically so gradual that we don’t notice how dingy and dull it has become and it’s only when there is a special occasion or a spill that we finally start to clean up.

Even if you are among the few that get their upholstery cleaned more often, it makes sense to add protection to your upholstery in the event of unintentional spills, dye transfer from those new jeans, the visitor with too much hair gel who loves your recliner and just for the normal dust and dirt.

You’ve found the smart choice for carpet and fabric protection service in Modesto, Stockton, and most other Central Valley communities.

You can trust HomeSmart and our professionally trained and certified technicians to apply your carpet or fabric protector safely and for maximum effectiveness, and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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Let's Get Started!

Schedule a Free Estimate Online
or call us  (209) 918-8040
       or call us  (209) 918-8040
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